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RIGHT NOW, you are reading something we have been thinking about for a long time – a magazine that describes the development of life science in Uppsala in an easy-to-digest way, with statistics, perspectives and inspiration.

Getting here required related complementary activities: a camp- fire like Uppsala LIFE where the story can come to life; a database that can also illustrate data with meaningful statistics; an increased focus on analysis; new and renewed relationships with those who want to get involved in system transformation; and connections to other knowledge-focused cities and ecosystems outside Uppsala.

Clusters have come a long way over the past decade, evolving from systems for refinement and economic growth within a particular field or geographical area, into larger systems that go beyond the old limitations. Using their strengths to meet societal challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

At STUNS, we collaborate every day with our founders and friends within the innovation sphere to drive vital issues, create relation- ships within and outside the ecosystem and initiate collaborative plattforms. Thank you for your trust and your commitment to sustainable growth.


Paving the way to digital health

| Barometer 2022, Reports & Publications | No Comments
Three out of four companies in Uppsala´s life science sector percieve digital transformation to be a key to future success. While many companies believe digital tranformation will play a big…

Sustainable skills supply

| Barometer 2022, Reports & Publications | No Comments
The current situation and needs described in this text are the result of dialogues conducted between STUNS, life science companies in Uppsala, and public actors. The proposed strategies for sustainable…

Todays achievements – tommorows visions

| Barometer 2022 | No Comments
In its 2022 sustainability report, STUNS set out to take the pulse of life science in Uppsala, focusing on the sector´s achievements and ambitions for the future. Life science is…

Equality – a prerequisite for a sustainable development

| Barometer 2022, BIO-X Accelerate | No Comments
Countless reports and surveys show that diverse teams contribute to successful business and social sustainability. Companies with greater equality among board members and management teams tend to be more profitable.…

Report: Precision medicine

| Barometer 2022, Reports & Publications | No Comments
For two years, I have been working in the field now known as precision medicine. What we used to call personalized healthcare was translated into various terms in Swedish, ranging…

Uppsala in numbers

| Barometer 2022 | No Comments
Uppsala In Numbers In the Times Higher Education Young University ranking. SLU was places 58 in the world and number 1 in Sweden. Uppsala University ranked 89 out of 2,500…

Clusters of Sweden

| Barometer 2022 | No Comments
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Björn Arvidsson
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+46 (0) 70 – 994 36 06