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Trend analysis in Life science

In 2019, the Life science sector in Uppsala employed approximately 6,200 individuals, contributing to a total turnover of SEK 31 million. Uppsala stands as one of Sweden’s prominent regions for Life science, representing about 15 percent of the sector’s workforce nationwide. Within the private sector of Uppsala, Life science companies employed around 7 percent of the total workforce.

A noteworthy aspect is that Life science in Uppsala played a significant role in the county’s merchandise exports, comprising at least 25 percent of the total exports, amounting to SEK 8 million in 2019. This sector has experienced substantial growth since 2005.

Uppsala is recognized as the home to several globally renowned Life science companies that serve as leaders in their respective niches. The region places a strong emphasis on ”Exploratory R&D,” which accounts for nearly 60 percent of the employed workforce in the Life science sector.

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