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Today's achievements - tommorow's visions

In its 2022 sustainability report, STUNS set out to take the pulse of life science in Uppsala, focusing on the sector´s achievements and ambitions for the future.

Life science is closely connected with health and wellbeing, so it´s not surprising that UN Sustainable Development Goal number 3 has been a significant focus for the business community. It´s a goal that speaks to the heart of the sector, and there is a common understanding that sustainable development will play an essential role in enabling a healthier future for everyone.

Sustainable development can be promoted in many ways, but it´s clear that action is vital to achieving results and overcoming obstacles. Other success factors include collaboration, involvement, communication, measurability and owning the goals. Collaborating on sustainability is critical, as no one can navigate our complex ecosystem alone.

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Read the full report (Swedish)

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