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The Way Forward After the Pandemic

This report aims to provide an overview of trends in digitalization of production within Uppsala’s Life Science cluster, highlight important issues, and serve as a basis for further discussion. The report is based on interviews with several stakeholders in the cluster and a compilation of various reports.

We are in a transformative time, since 2020 we have been living with a pandemic that has affected society as a whole but particularly the Life science industry. At the time of writing, the pandemic appears to be receding and its continued impact is expected to be diminishing.

The pandemic has placed significant demands on companies within the Life science sector, with many being forced to produce at a high pace. At the same time, it has exposed vulnerabilities and disrupted supply chains and staffing. As production eventually eases, focus can be shifted towards more long-term issues such as digitalization, efficiency, and development projects.

We have assessed the pulse of Uppsala’s Life science companies to examine the challenges they face, the dominant trends, and the potential way forward. The report focuses on five key areas for digitalization in Life science: production data management, workforce competence, data and traceability, efficiency measures, and production flexibility. Each area concludes with questions that can be used as discussion points, reflections, or sources of ideas based on the reader’s circumstances.


READ THE REPORT (in Swedish) The Way Forward After the Pandemic

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