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Sustainable inspiration together

This autumn we invite small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) within the life science sector located in Eastern Central Sweden (Uppsala, Västmanland, Örebro, Östergötland) to work with sustainability together.

Sustainable development and green transition are of great importance and interest for businesses looking to sustain their business. To achieve this the system needs to involve, share and collaborate within the ecosystem is of the essence if we are to find ways to turn the challenges into possibilities.

STUNS Life Science wants to share our knowledge and contacts within this area and assist SMEs in finding sustainable possibilities. Therefore we invite SMEs to a program to get inspiration and basic knowledge within this area together.

The program will run for 3 meetings and focus on giving an introduction to the three perspectives of sustainability social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Limited number of participants. Max 2 representatives/company. We strive for diversified teams and reserve the right to select participants.

Register your interest before the 23rd of June.

More detailed information will come later with the registration notice. 

Last year we ran a similar program and the attending representatives found the program very valuable, it gave them basic insight into sustainability within the life science sector and great discussions took place. Small and medium-sized businesses often do not have the privilege to assign one employee let alone a whole team to oversee sustainability, therefore the responsibility falls on the whole organization, which can be challenging to manage. Together these businesses found strength in collaboration when involved and sharing their challenges, possibilities, solutions, examples, and tips. While also getting inspiration from carefully selected guests.

STUNS’s role is to initiate and create a platform for collaboration and sustainable development within life science ECS. So if you are interested in collaborating for sustainability do not hesitate to contact Fanny Blom.

This activity is part of the project Sustainable Cluster Development to create more sustainable clusters with SMEs within ECS. Founded by the EU.

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    30th of August, 27th of September, 25th of October

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    Innovation Hub, Uppsala Science Park, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 38, 751 83 Uppsala
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    Other info:

    The program will be held in Swedish.

Contact me for more information

Fanny Blom

Project Manager
+46 (0)72-735 28 87