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Sustainability in Uppsala’s life science sector

The life science sector’s profound connection with health and care is at the heart of sustainability. This dynamic synergy extends to the right to a healthy life on a thriving planet, with a responsibility to steward our environment and precious ecosystems – the lifeblood of our existence.

This intrinsic relationship finds its anchor within the life science sector, threading its way through academia, business, and society at large.

In 2021, we embarked on a journey, delving deep into the heart of sustainability within the Uppsala life science sector. Our comprehensive summary of collective actions revealed a resounding truth: effective communication is the linchpin to successfully nurturing sustainability initiatives within organizations.

By articulating their sustainability actions, organizations not only inspire others but also serve as beacons of exemplary practice, fostering a more transparent and informed discourse.

In the world of corporate communications, the act of conveying our actions becomes more than just words; it transforms into a catalyst for clarity and growth. It’s within these moments that a profound learning process ignites, setting in motion an ever- evolving journey.

Moreover, each time the life science sector is mentioned in the context of sustainability and sustainable development, our collective influence gains ground. By weaving a narrative of effective communication and embracing unwavering transparency surrounding our company’s sustainability aspirations, we don’t just foster sustainable development – we propel it into the limelight.

But it doesn’t stop there. When we take our sustainability efforts beyond internal confines and share them with the world, we spark a potential revolution. We have the power to inspire like-minded stakeholders to join our cause, cultivating a fertile ground for collaborative endeavors and innovative solutions. This not only bolsters our brand but also makes our company a magnet for top-tier talent and expertise.

Yet, amidst the sea of progress, a cloud of missed opportunity looms. In today’s landscape, far too many actors within the life science sector content themselves with mere compliance, ticking the boxes of legal requirements when reporting on sustainability efforts. This missed opportunity results in countless exceptional initiatives, those that exist beyond the bounds of legal mandates, languishing in obscurity – their brilliance hidden, their impact unrealized. It’s a narrative we must collectively rewrite, celebrating and elevating these unsung heroes of sustainability.

Building on this foundation, we conducted a subtle exploration of the current sustainability landscape within the Uppsala life science community. Our quest led us through diverse communication channels, with a special focus on open-source platforms, notably websites and LinkedIn. We sought to uncover how companies in our community convey their commitment to sustainability.

Our findings, presented in the first diagram, showcase a prevailing trend – a substantial number of companies utilize their websites as the primary conduit for sharing their sustainability endeavors. These initiatives take diverse forms, including dedicated sustain- ability reports, website sections, integration within vision/mission statements, and inclusion in annual reports.

Turning our gaze to LinkedIn, the second diagram paints a slightly different picture. LinkedIn serves as a platform for companies to project their profiles to prospective talent, investors, and the wider professional community within the sector. Interestingly, fewer companies in our community harness LinkedIn to communicate their sustainability initiatives compared to their robust website presence. This disparity represents a ripe opportunity for refinement, as several organizations that feature sustainability content on their websites have yet to extend their message to this more socially-driven platform.

In conclusion, our analysis sheds light on the potential for greater synergy in sustainability communication efforts across websites and LinkedIn within our vibrant Uppsala life science community.

By harnessing these channels with more precision and purpose, we can magnify the impact of sustainability initiatives and cultivate an even more informed and engaged audience. The journey toward a sustainable future continues, guided by the harmonious convergence of life science, health, and sustainability.

Fanny Blom
Project manager
+46 (0)72-735 28 87