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Successful cluster collaboration - A global analysis on the road to a new Europe 2050

What role do clusters play in Europe’s development towards an increasingly digitalized and sustainable society? How can Europe’s clusters work together for a common future?

These questions are currently burning hot, with a Covid pandemic still significantly affecting Sweden, Europe, and the world, an accelerating climate crisis, and, not least, the acute threat to Europe’s security posed by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The need for cooperation and a shared vision for Europe is greater than ever, and we are facing a historic transformation.

In this transformation, Europe’s clusters have a significant role to play.

Most countries in Europe have strong institutions and structures to support and stimulate clusters, and even Sweden needs a national agenda for cluster collaboration.

The non-profit association Clusters of Sweden was formed in January 2021 as an initiative to better harness the power of Sweden’s clusters through expanded and organized cooperation, and to more clearly advocate for Swedish clusters in the European discussion.

With this environmental analysis, we aim to increase awareness of the role of clusters in societal development and provide tools for the stakeholders driving this development.

READ THE REPORT (in Swedish) Successful cluster collaboration

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Managing director
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