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PU sensor enables prevention of pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcer (bedsore) is a both painful and dangerous but unfortunately common medical injury. Among health care-related injuries, pressure ulcers are one of the most burdensome both economically and when it comes to human suffering, OECD reports.

Pressure ulcers arise in all age groups and all over the world. Cost increases with ulcer severity because the time to heal is longer and the incidence of complication is higher in more severe cases. The cost of treating pressure ulcers is likely to increase in the future as the population ages.

The primary cause of pressure ulcers is a lack of blood flow in the tissue when pressure is applied to the skin. Up until today, there are no ways to objectively identify which patients have a reduced blood flow at the pressure of their own body weight.

PU sensor has developed a method for evaluating a patient’s physiological condition regarding blood flow at pressure and thereby anticipate the risk of pressure ulcer and prevent it from appearing.

PU Sensor

PU sensor AB was founded in 2016 by Anna-Christina Ek and Margareta Lindgren, both scientists. Together, they have put several years/decades into the research of pressure ulcers at Linköping University. They have been involved in determining and developing today’s assessment methods for pressure ulcers used in nursing homes and hospitals.

Today, the team of PU sensor includes a number of individuals with experience in technology, medicine, and business development strategy. The company has access to a broad network within the research community, healthcare, and nursing care sectors as well as measurement technology.

In February 2021 the first PU sensor was delivered to a nursing home in Sweden. The product is now available in several markets globally and the vision is to eliminate pressure ulcers altogether, as a common health care injury.

PU Sensor AB is one of 4 companies that has been verified and granted funding through STUNS Life science call for proposal process BIO-X Accelerate 2020.

BIO-X Accelerate is a structured way of working with calls for proposals and sustainable business development, in accordance with the BIO-X®Methodology. Through the BIO-X Accelerate call, companies are evaluated by external experts from relevant fields and selected in high competition. Granted companies receive funding, continued business development support, and access to experts within the BIO-X network.

SPEED OF LIFE– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together is a podcast initiated through BIO-X Accelerate. A project run by STUNS Life science with the goal of promoting sustainable growth of the Life science industry in East Middle Sweden. The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Region Uppsala, and STUNS Life Science.

Founded: 2016
Founder: Anna-Christina Ek och Margareta Lindgren
Majority owner: Johannes Walfridsson, Anna-Christina Ek och Margareta Lindgren
Employees: 7
Revenue: 2 MSEK (2020)
Goal: To reduce the pain and cost of pressure ulcers in the world by making PU sensor available to care givers.


Johannes Walfridsson, CEO, PU Sensor AB

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