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Ilya Pharma is developing next-generation immunotherapies to treat wounds in skin and mucosa

The ILP-technology is based on deploying chemokines, which until now have been regarded too unstable to be suitable as therapeutics. Ilya Pharma has overcome this problem by letting live lactic acid bacteria produce and deliver the human therapeutic chemokines on-site in wounds in the skin or e.g in the intestine acting like small bioreactors. In addition to the documented biological and clinical effect on accelerating the healing and recovery, it is a very cost-efficient system to deliver drugs, compared to cell therapies and other traditional biologics.

The lead drug candidate, ILP100 represents both a novel drug delivery technology and a novel investigational new product (IMP) and is developed in a topical formulation for the treatment of different types of skin wounds in patients with prediabetes and diabetes, these projects are currently in phase II clinical trials. ILP100 and ILP1010 are developed oral formulations for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and other indications in the gastrointestinal tract, these projects are in a late non-clinical phase where clinical trials are planned to begin 2022/23.

The Company has its Head Quarter in Uppsala, have raised 18 MEUR to date and engages approximately 40 people/20 FTEs and 30 subcontractors globally.

Ilya Pharma AB is one of 4 companies that has been verified and granted funding through STUNS Life science call for proposal process BIO-X Accelerate 2020.

BIO-X Accelerate is a structured way of working with calls for proposals and sustainable business development, in accordance with the BIO-X®Methodology. Through the BIO-X Accelerate call, companies are evaluated by external experts from relevant fields and selected in high competition. Granted companies receive funding, continued business development support, and access to experts within the BIO-X network.

SPEED OF LIFE– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together is a podcast initiated through BIO-X Accelerate. A project run by STUNS Life science with the goal of promoting sustainable growth of the Life science industry in East Middle Sweden. The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Region Uppsala, and STUNS Life Science.

Founded: 2016
Founder: Dr Evelina Vågesjö, Prof Stefan Roos, Prof Mia Phillipson
Mayority owner: EIC Fund, co-founders
Employees: 20+
Revenue: 0 (2020)


Dr Evelina Vågesjö CEO, Prof Stefan Roos, Co-founder, Prof Mia Phillipson Co-founder, Ilya Pharma AB

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