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Precision medicine for a sustainable world

Gradientech is a Swedish diagnostics company dedicated to supporting the modern microbiology lab with state-of-the-art solutions that facilitate the testing of time-critical sepsis samples.

Gradientech is currently developing the in vitro diagnostic QuickMIC® system, a new platform for ultra-rapid testing of antibiotic resistance. The system is expected to become the most rapid solution for determining the appropriate antibiotic treatment of sepsis patients. Rapid testing of antibiotic resistance is vital for increasing sepsis patient survival, reducing healthcare costs, and lowering the spread of antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance is a global call and the World Health Organization has stressed the urgent need for new rapid diagnostic solutions that can guide proper antibiotic treatment and reduce antibiotic misuse. Gradientech aspires to meet this need by setting a new standard of care where it will no longer be acceptable to wait for days to obtain urgent and critical results.

Sepsis and antibiotic resistance – Global challenges in need of solutions

Sepsis affects 50 million people every year of which about 20% do not survive – every 3 seconds someone dies of sepsis. Time is critical: Sepsis survival rates decrease dramatically with every hour of inappropriate antibiotic treatment. Sepsis is also becoming harder to treat as antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to the rising antibiotic resistance levels.

Early sepsis detection and adequate treatment administration positively impact the human and economic burden of sepsis. Prescribing the right antibiotic, at the right dose and at the right time is critical for the successful management of the patient. To achieve optimal therapy, the patient’s clinical condition and diagnostic test results need to be checked frequently to reassess antibiotic therapy and tailor the treatment as needed.

Our solution: Faster testing saves lives

QuickMIC is our novel state-of-the-art diagnostic solution that outperforms current solutions by providing results that can guide sepsis treatment in 2-4 hours, instead of days.

  • Save lives: Actionable results in record-time mean that sepsis patients can receive appropriate, targeted antibiotic treatment faster than ever before.
  • Cut hospital costs: Earlier, appropriate sepsis treatment leads to shorter hospital stays, which reduces hospital expenditure.
  • Combat antibiotic resistance: Personalized treatment of sepsis patients reduces unnecessary antibiotic use and reduces the spread of antibiotic resistance.

The technology:

Our patented technology combines the power of microfluidics with microscopy to create gradients of biomolecules in which cell responses can be studied in an integrated manner. The added value lies in the improved precision of the results delivered, which are obtained and reported in record time. To learn more about our technology see the video below.

Gradientech is an ISO 13485 certified company since 2017 with demonstrated capabilities to design, develop, manufacture and support innovative products for next-generation lifesaving diagnostics.

Gradientech AB is one of 4 companies that has been verified and granted funding through STUNS Life science call for proposal process BIO-X Accelerate 2020.

BIO-X Accelerate is a structured way of working with calls for proposals and sustainable business development, in accordance with the BIO-X®Methodology. Through the BIO-X Accelerate call, companies are evaluated by external experts from relevant fields and selected in high competition. Granted companies receive funding, continued business development support, and access to experts within the BIO-X network.

SPEED OF LIFE– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together is a podcast initiated through BIO-X Accelerate. A project run by STUNS Life science with the goal of promoting sustainable growth of the Life science industry in East Middle Sweden. The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Region Uppsala, and STUNS Life Science.

Founded: 2009
Founder: Sara Thorslund, Johan Kreuger, Sören Nygren
Majority owner: Almi Invest, PÄAB, & UU Holding
Employees: 13 employees, ca. 25 consultants
Revenue: 0,1mkr (2020)
Goal: Gradientech aims to develop and commercialize the fastest diagnostic system for antibiotic resistance testing of sepsis samples.


Sara Thorslund, CEO and Teresa Fernandez Zafra, Product manager, Gradientech AB

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