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– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together

Making the world a little better, one analysis at a time

When animal owners thought it was complicated and slow to send in samples for parasitological analysis, Vidilab solved the problem by developing kollamasken, one of the earliest sample kits on the market, aimed directly for the consumer. kollamasken is a sampling kit containing everything the animal owner needs to easily collect, package and send the sample to the laboratory. On the outside of the box the laboratory address and pre-paid postage is printed, making it even easier for the consumer.

The founders, knowing how worrying it can be to wait for an answer, decided early on that they would work hard to make the wait time as short as possible for the client. Today most samples are analyzed and a result sent out to the client the same day as the sample arrives at the lab.

Building robust systems that cut down on unnecessary waiting periods but without sacrificing quality became one of the most important guiding principles for the company. To show their commitment to quality, Vidilab decided early on to get accredited by SWEDAC (Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment).

As a company working close to researchers and scientists, Vidilab knows the importance of staying at the forefront of research. Vidilab has their own Research & Development department working on using the latest research to help their customers get the correct answer to their analysis, faster and easier than ever.


Presented by Dajana Ilic S and Tobias Abe Ahy from STUNS Life science, featuring Bitte Ljungström, CEO, and Michael Juremalm, Head of Research and Development at Vidilab AB.


– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together

Company representatives from the prosperous Life science industry, will share their journey, success strategies and examples concerning entrepreneurship. Business leaders, researchers, marketers, economists, business developers and other experts jointly describe the environment their companies operate in, what drives them and what challenges they face.

Listen, be inspired, learn and take the insights to your company and gain value today!

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