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– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together

Rarity Bioscience – Radically improving cancer diagnostics

Rarity Bioscience has developed an ultrasensitive and multiplex technology for mutation detection in liquid biopsies, meaning that we can detect down to 1 mutation in 100,000 healthy cells, which is up to 100 times more sensitive than current technology. And perhaps the best part, the assays are run using existing instruments already available in every hematology lab.

We provide the sensitive and cost-efficient tools needed to replace conventional costly and painful tissue biopsies with blood samples to enable early detection of cancer relapse and treatment response.

Rarity is funded by experienced Uppsala entrepreneurs and researchers, combining previously successful technologies in an ingenious and beautiful way.

Presented by Dajana Ilic S and Tobias Abe Ahy from STUNS Life science, featuring Linus Bosaeus, CEO, and Lei Chen co-founder and CTO at Rarity Bioscience AB.


– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together

Company representatives from the prosperous Life science industry, will share their journey, success strategies and examples concerning entrepreneurship. Business leaders, researchers, marketers, economists, business developers and other experts jointly describe the environment their companies operate in, what drives them and what challenges they face.

Listen, be inspired, learn and take the insights to your company and gain value today!

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