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– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together

Test beds and biological production

Life science is an industry with a strong foothold in the Uppsala region, much thanks to successful collaborations between the business community, the two universities, and the University Hospital. In recent years the industry has expanded at a rapid pace, and forecasts predict that it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

STUNS has collaborated with Testa Center since before its establishment in 2018. In this collaboration, STUNS contributes as an independent actor and develops innovation processes and collaboration formats.

Bioprocess is a pinpointed strategically important area by the Swedish government. Testa Center is a purpose-built open-access bioprocessing testbed with modern upscaling equipment to verify technology or scale-up processes. The main objective is to promote the life science sector’s growth and bridge the gap between discovery and industrialization.

Presented by Dajana Ilic S from STUNS Life science, featuring Anisha Khan Project manager-BIO Processes/Testbed at STUNS Life science.


– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together

Company representatives from the prosperous Life science industry, will share their journey, success strategies and examples concerning entrepreneurship. Business leaders, researchers, marketers, economists, business developers and other experts jointly describe the environment their companies operate in, what drives them and what challenges they face.

Listen, be inspired, learn and take the insights to your company and gain value today!

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