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– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together

Improving patient care with TIGR® Matrix

Our proven medical device technology is helping patients with breast cancer undergoing implant reconstruction to return to an active life and regain self-confidence together with a better body image.

Strong when you need it gone when you don’t!
TIGR® Matrix is fully resorbable surgical implant with the main purpose to help the body’s own healing. Its unique dual stage degradation design offers the necessary support to soft tissues in the initial wound healing process, and gradually resorbs until it is no longer needed and new strong connective tissue has replaced it.

Assisting surgeons find the best solution for their patients
Soft tissue positively remodels in response to the stimulus of increased mechanical load. TIGR®Matrix gives that additional support and is then replaced with host tissue to give permanent strength but none of the complications of a permanent mesh.

We listen to their needs and look for solutions
It is our role to empower both patients and surgeons to be informed and have access to the best available solutions that will improve the outcome of the treatment.


Presented by Björn Arvidsson and Dajana Ilic S from STUNS Life science, featuring Henrik Hjort, CEO and Yolande Cuthill, Sales Marketing Coordinator at Novus Scientific AB.


– Building a strong and sustainable Life science sector – together

Company representatives from the prosperous Life science industry, will share their journey, success strategies and examples concerning entrepreneurship. Business leaders, researchers, marketers, economists, business developers and other experts jointly describe the environment their companies operate in, what drives them and what challenges they face.

Listen, be inspired, learn and take the insights to your company and gain value today!

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