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Trust and outcome-based ecosystems Today´s achievements, tomorrow´s visions – sustainability

When working on this survey I was surprised by all the exciting initiatives and examples that the ecosystem’s actors are currently working on to become more sustainable. Most actors are currently communicating mostly around environmental sustainability, and this survey aspires to highlight the importance of seeing sustainability as a whole. Furthermore, I believe that each actor has a crucial role when forming a sustainable future in Uppsala, and the consultants can play a unique role. They should continue to spread, share and collaborate to outsmart the sustainability challenges of today and to form the sustainability solutions tomorrow.

My name is Fanny Blom and I am a project manager at STUNS Life Science within sustainability and more specifically sustainable cluster development. I have a Master’s degree in Economics with a focus on Sustainability and Agricultural Sciences. During the autumn of 2021 I have been working on this survey, and also moderated at Uppsala Life. Uppsala Life is where we meet up with an intersection of ideas, insights, and interactions – where our life science ecosystem shares and collaborates to stay ahead of the competition. During spring 2022 I will try to create more pilots for sustainable clusters in Uppsala and work closely with young professionals in Uppsala to link them to the thriving Life Science sector.

If you want to talk about sustainability, please feel free to contact me at any time, to discuss any issue, large or small.

READ THE REPORT (in Swedish) Today’s achievements, tomorrow’s visions

Fanny Blom
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