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Privacy Policy STUNS

The Foundation for Collaboration between the Universities in Uppsala, Business and Society. Includes STUNS’ business areas STUNS Life Science, STUNS Energi, STUNS Hållbara Samhällen & STUNS Innovation & Tech.


STUNS policy and guidelines for processing personal data (GDPR)

The Personal Data Act applies to the processing of personal data by authorities, companies and individuals alike. Personal data includes all types of information that can be linked directly or indirectly to a living individual.
The purpose of this policy is to inform you about how STUNS processes your personal data, what we use it for, who can access it, and how you can exercise your rights.

We protect your privacy

STUNS ensures that your private integrity and personal information is always protected by us. We prioritise the protection of all information entrusted to us and comply with the laws and regulations that exist to protect privacy. Only a limited number of individuals with special authority have access to this information. STUNS processes personal information for specific and explicit purposes only.

How STUNS handles personal data

STUNS processes personal data in order to administer its customer relationships. We are also obliged to save certain data for legal reasons, such as accounting purposes, or due to the requirements of government authorities.

Use of personal data

STUNS processes personal data in order to comply with agreements entered into with the registered person and, when required, fulfill obligations under applicable law. When agreement or support in law is lacking, consent is obtained and, in some cases, processing can occur with the help of a so-called balance of interests.
Information provided to STUNS is used to promote STUNS’ areas of activity (life science, energy, sustainable societies and innovation and tech), for example, by putting appropriate partners in contact with one another, helping entrepreneurs to find collaborators or other support functions, or even direct contact regarding information about funding opportunities, partnering events and other relevant information. All in order to provide better and more personalized offers.
Information provided to STUNS Life science Database, is analysed on a group level,  where we use data and statistics to make informed decisions. On a personal level your contact information is used in order to send newsletters and invitations to our events. The data provided will be saved until data is deleted by subscriber.
For collaborators in specific projects, participants in expert panels, etc., name, e-mail address, organisational affiliation, role and phone number will be saved if provided in order to best promote STUNS’ areas of activity as described above. Data is saved during the actual collaboration and then deleted if requested. Otherwise, data is saved for a maximum of ten years after the completion of collaboration, according to regulations from our financiers.
In order for STUNS to best promote its business areas, data is gathered in the form of leads. These are treated according to an interest weighting and used for clearly predefined purposes. Information of this kind is saved until these purposes are met, but for no more than two years.
Customers are always entitled to request that their personal data not be processed for marketing purposes.

Collection of personal data

STUNS collects personal information about customers mainly through
  • quotations, letters and correspondence
  • personal meetings, business cards
  • questionnaires
  • agreements
  • publicly available information for updating other collected data


If required, STUNS receives consent from the customer before processing personal data. Before consent is given, the customer shall be informed of how the data will be processed.
The customer has the right to revoke a given consent. In that case, STUNS will not process any further personal data or update previously submitted personal information about the customer.

Access to personal data

Within STUNS, only individuals with special authority have access to customers’ personal data. STUNS has agreements with companies that process personal data on its behalf. These agreements contain provisions on privacy and security regarding the processing of personal data. STUNS always retains responsibility for data processing and customers can contact STUNS with questions about this processing.

Removal / Changes

Right to request extracts

The customer is entitled to request extracts about what customer information is processed by STUNS.
A request for an extract shall be signed and sent by post with a copy of valid identification.
Customers may request that personal data be removed or changed in case of incorrect or incomplete information.
Customers may also request that data not be used for direct marketing. Direct marketing can be terminated by e-mail.
Note that STUNS will require identification.
If you wish to be removed or want to change incorrect information, please contact

Use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file stored on the user’s computer. On STUNS websites (, and, cookies are used to improve the website for the user, for example, to customise a site according to the visitor’s wishes and choices.Google Analytics cookies are used by STUNS to optimise the visitor’s experience of the website, as well as to compile traffic and communication statistics.STUNS does not use cookies to collect personal or sensitive information about our users. All data collected on STUNS websites is handled solely by STUNS. We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties.It is up to you as a visitor to accept cookies. You can turn off cookies in your browser at any time.
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