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Precision medicine - About the conditions, insights and decisions needed to succeed in precision medicine.

For two years, I have been working in the field now known as precision medicine. What we used to call personalized healthcare was translated into various terms in Swedish, ranging from individualized care to tailored treatment. However, when Barack Obama mentioned ”Precision medicine” in his 2015 State of the Union address, it became the catalyst for adopting the term in Swedish, although it took a few more years to become established.

Regardless of the name, the concept revolves around utilizing essential information to make the best decisions. We should not limit ourselves more than that. And we need to reconcile with the fact that it will continue to be a moving target, with some being more advanced in their thinking while others quickly seek new expressions for the same thing.

The most important thing is the purpose: ensuring that we, as citizens, have the best opportunity to live in good health. To achieve that, we all need to educate and communicate the value so that our decision-makers understand what should be of high priority.

The texts found in this report are intended to provide a broad overview of the many components needed to succeed in precision medicine in an easily understandable manner. They also convey the attitude with which we should approach this journey and offer several clear suggestions on how to move forward.

READ THE REPORT (in Swedish) Precision medicine

READ THE REPORT (in Swedish) Precision medicine

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