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With the digital transformation comes opportunities. One potential such opportunity is for patients to be empowered and more active in the decision making concerning their health. To investigate this Karlijn van Herpen interviewed sixteen experts providing several important perspectives.

Digital health is becoming more and more relevant over the past few years, also in Sweden. In recent years, Sweden has been working towards its vision for eHealth for 2025. In this vision, it is described that Sweden aims to be a world leader in 2025 when it comes to utilizing digital tools within the healthcare system. When it comes to digital health, the term patient empowerment is often mentioned as well. Mostly, the goal of all these digital tools is to create better healthcare for patients, where they are more in control of managing their disease.

The ability to share data would also enable to bring healthcare closer to the people, so that it is possible to move away from the visits to care centers and instead focus more on care at home.

– Patrik Sundström, SKR

From the results and the discussion, there are many opportunities within digital health to create a better healthcare system for patients. Digital health might offer a future where both patients and HCP are more well-informed and this will allow for more precise care, that is catered individually to each patient. It also shows that there are huge possibilities for innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently, there are some limiting factors, such as data sharing, but these issues might be resolved through smart entrepreneurs that find ways around this. There are also interesting market opportunities when patients are becoming consumers themselves. The start of this has been made by wearables, but there are many more possibilities to explore and benefit from this upcoming area of digital health.

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On January 15th, 2021 STUNS Life science arranged a webinar where Karlijn presented her report and discussed it with Jenny Christensson, MedTech4Health, and Henrik Ahlén, CGI – both working for many years with patient-related projects and initiatives.


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