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Insight Machine Empowering Sweden's Life Science Sector

Decisions should be made with solid foundations. In the role of making significant strategic choices, we need to understand and carefully study conditions and changes over time, as well as be able to compare ourselves with others – as a community.

Therefore, we have developed a database to provide us with these foundations – the Insight machine. However, insights must come from questions and curiosity—and thrive well as crowd-sourcing—thus, we choose to have significant parts of the database open to you.

It consists of two parts today:

Organizational – With data about the companies and organizations populating our community, we can study and analyze the data in different ways to understand and improve strategic conditions. Information also provides a solid basis for creating attractiveness for the ecosystem to attract talent, capital, and establishments.

Competence – With data about individuals, we can better understand and tailor activities and communication, as well as demonstrate the immense breadth and depth of expertise we possess as human capital. It also gives us a broader understanding for comparisons, reception, and relevance for efforts and initiatives.

Therefore, we also need your help!

You are encouraged to:

  1. Share information about yourself – so that we understand our community and ensure that we don’t spam you with ”wrong” offers or communicate unnecessarily, we would appreciate it if you complete and maintain your profile.
  2. Study the data – for us to collectively understand and improve our conditions, we can collectively study and interpret the database and contribute our wisdom and analyses. Be an ambassador for our community.
  3. Respond to surveys – for us to be agile, we need quick feedback from you. Once you’ve chosen your preferences for interests and filled in your profile, we can quickly send out short questions relevant to your interest and competence and through your swift responses, quickly provide feedback—back to you—and perform the analyses we intended with the question. Support the feedback loop.


A big thank you in advance for your engagement—only together do we become strong.

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