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We connect a sustainable and dynamic network in Eastern Central Sweden that promotes growth and development.

Over the past decade, clusters have undergone significant evolution, transcending their previous limitations as systems for refinement and economic growth within specific fields or geographical areas. Today, they have become larger, more dynamic systems that leverage their strengths to tackle societal challenges and foster sustainable growth.

At STUNS, we are deeply involved in collaborating with our founders and colleagues in the innovation sphere. Together, we work tirelessly to drive vital issues, establish connections both within and outside the ecosystem, and initiate collaborative platforms that promote innovation.

Uppsala boasts a vibrant and robust life science ecosystem, comprising over 100 companies that span the spectrum from large multinational corporations to small entrepreneurial ventures. Get to know some of these companies through our podcast series SPEED OF LIFE.

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Stockholm - Uppsala life science region

The region is home to two world-leading universities in the field, which foster an environment conducive to generating evidence-based research and development. Moreover, Uppsala’s advantageous location in close proximity to Stockholm, the capital city, as well as an international airport, contributes to its appeal as a thriving hub for life science. Additionally, the region benefits from a high proportion of the population with tertiary education, further fueling its potential for growth and innovation.

While these companies and institutions thrive individually, it is through collaboration that true innovation is generated.

In collaboration with STUNS Life Science, Stockholm Science City has developed an interactive map to showcase the diverse range of companies in the area. The map draws information from, ensuring regular updates to provide accurate and current data. Users can easily search for specific companies by name and utilize filters based on business categories such as Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing, and Research & Development. This invaluable resource facilitates networking, collaboration, and exploration of the rich expertise within the Stockholm-Uppsala life science ecosystem.

Life science map for Stockholm/ Uppsala region

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5 strong reasons to choose Uppsala

#1. Close to people, competence, and infrastructure

With its long history in life science, Uppsala has a large pool of people with experience from academia as well as business. Its companies are complete, with R&D, manufacturing, and commercial operations all ensuring international networks and tuned business skills. Networks are tight. Competence and infrastructure are close and accessible.

#2. Close to manufacturing skills and resources

Eight of Uppsala’s ten largest life science companies have on-site production. Manufacturing know-how is rapidly gaining in importance as more new biological drugs come to market. Significantly, Uppsala hosts the new national center for BioProcess Innovation, strongly supported by the Swedish government and GE Healthcare – because we have the skills and the experience required to operate such a key facility.

#3. Close to a stream of new companies and steady growth

Our life science companies are successful. Mid-sized enterprises grew on average more than 10% between 2014 and 2015. This, together with a very successful innovation support system and a top-ranked business incubator constantly creating new ventures, makes us attractive to students, researchers, and investors. Between 2015 and 2016, foreign investment in life sciences in the Stockholm-Uppsala region increased by more than 58%.

#4. Close access to the number one life science cluster

The life science community in Uppsala-Stockholm is very tight, with collaborations spanning institutes, companies, and universities. The region is one large job market and the number one life science cluster in Sweden.

#5. Close to home – and to the world!

Uppsala is a warm and friendly city, the fourth largest in Sweden. All you need is within easy reach. The average commute in Uppsala is 20 minutes! Biking lanes are numerous and train to Stockholm very frequent. Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden’s international airport, is just 18 minutes away.

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Uppsala has a strong life science ecosystem with more than 100+ companies – ranging from large multinationals to small entrepreneurial – two world-leading universities within the field, fruitful user environments for evidence generation in the two university hospitals, closeness to both the capital city of Stockholm as well as an international airport and high proportion of the population with tertiary education.

However strong independently, it is how these collaborate that will generate innovation.

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