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Our Reports & Publications

At STUNS Life science we conduct reports to gain knowledge and insights on different topics within the life science sector to inspire and create discussion forums.

Reports authored by STUNS, our student employees, as well as publications where we are co-authors, are published here.

Additionally our digital barometer Uppsala: Where Legacy Meets Curiosity, providing a user-friendly overview of the advancements in life science in Uppsala, including statistics, viewpoints, and sources of inspiration, is published annualy in October.

Read our reports and publications below.


Barometer 2022

Paving the way to digital health

Three out of four companies in Uppsala´s life science sector percieve digital transformation to be…
5 juli, 2023 in Barometer 2022, Reports & Publications

Sustainable skills supply

The current situation and needs described in this text are the result of dialogues conducted between STUNS, life science companies in Uppsala, and public actors. The proposed strategies for sustainable…
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27 oktober, 2022 in Reports & Publications

Report: Equality – a prerequisite for a sustainable development

The sustainability efforts within the life science sector mostly revolve around environmental issues, despite the fact that the concept - and the global goals - also encompass social and economic…
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27 juni, 2021 in Reports & Publications

Report: 12 voices on the future of life science

The future of mankind rests in the hands of life science. In this report, we get to know some of the profiles and driving spirits who in various ways strive…
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27 oktober, 2022 in Reports & Publications

Successful cluster collaboration

What role do clusters play in Europe's development towards an increasingly digitalized and sustainable society? How can Europe's clusters work together for a common future? These questions are currently burning…
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27 januari, 2022 in Reports & Publications

Report: Today´s achievements, tomorrow´s visions – sustainability

When working on this survey I was surprised by all the exciting initiatives and examples that the ecosystem’s actors are currently working on to become more sustainable. Most actors are…
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27 oktober, 2022 in Barometer 2022, Reports & Publications

Report: Precision medicine

For two years, I have been working in the field now known as precision medicine. What we used to call personalized healthcare was translated into various terms in Swedish, ranging…
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21 september, 2022 in Uppsala- Where legacy meets curiosity

Magazine: UPPSALA – Where legacy meets curiosity

RIGHT NOW, you are reading something we have been thinking about for a long time – a magazine that describes the development of life science in Uppsala in an easy-to-digest…
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27 maj, 2021 in Reports & Publications

Trend analysis in Life science

In 2019, the Life science sector in Uppsala employed approximately 6,200 individuals, contributing to a total turnover of SEK 31 million. Uppsala stands as one of Sweden's prominent regions for…
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27 juni, 2021 in Reports & Publications

Digital Transformation in Life Sciences Industries

Digital transformation in Life Science Industry has been implemented cautiously for several reasons: cybersecurity concern and high quality and regulatory compliance environment. Whereas opportunities are wide open and increasing challenges…
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27 juni, 2023 in Reports & Publications

The Way Forward After the Pandemic

This report aims to provide an overview of trends in digitalization of production within Uppsala's Life Science cluster, highlight important issues, and serve as a basis for further discussion. The…
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