Testa Center

– A testbed for the production of biological products.

Testa Center is a private-public initiative between the Swedish government and Cytiva to secure the life science industry’s growth and manufacturing capabilities. It is an essential infrastructure for the development of biological products, which is a pinpointed strategically important area by the Swedish government. Testa Center is a purpose-built open-access bioprocessing testbed with modern upscaling equipment to verify technology or scale-up processes. The main objective is to promote the life science sector’s growth and bridge the gap between discovery and industrialization.

STUNS Life science has collaborated with Testa Center since before its establishment in 2018. In 2017, STUNS Life Science, Region Uppsala, and Testa Center worked together and secured funding for development and brought the center into operation. In this collaboration, STUNS contributes as an independent actor in the application process for funding and project prioritization. STUNS also develops innovation processes and collaboration formats as well as engaging service providers from the ecosystem.

STUNS Life science works with Testa Center through our three initiatives: Testa Center OutreachVerification Funding and Testa Challenge.

Projects/companies reduced product development risks

(2017-mar 2021)



Testa Center Outreach

This project aims to establish the Testa Center as an international research infrastructure and attract interesting foreign innovation companies to create value chains in Sweden.

Since Testa Center opened in September 2018, most projects have been from Swedish researchers and companies. 

This initiative opens for companies in Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland to utilize Testa Center and engage with the Uppsala life science ecosystem. In addition to having access to the facility and its equipment, the companies will have access to Testa Center staff’s knowledge and expertise, who provide support in designing experiments and consulting in experimental design. By coming to Testa Center, the projects will be able to minimize risk, increase the chances of attracting capital, and accelerate industrialization opportunities.

Testa Center Outreach is a collaboration between STUNS Life science, Business Sweden, and VINNOVA.

Financing: STUNS Life science, Vinnova (Project ID: 2020-04646) and Business Sweden
Project duration: 2021
STUNS Life science role: Project manager
Contact: Björn Arvidsson

Funding for verification in Testa Center

This project aims at continued system impact to get more Swedish companies to build value and competence in biological production. A system transformation is needed to make the Testa-model into a new normal.

STUNS Life science contributes as an independent actor in the application process for funding and project prioritization for initiatives looking to get support for their verification project in Testa Center.

Financing: STUNS Life science, Vinnova (Project ID: 2020-04822)
Project duration: 2021
STUNS Life science role: Project manager
Contact: Malin Wiederholm

Funding for verification

(2017-mar 2021)


Projects/Companies granted funding


Distributed funding

Testa Challenge

– Collaborative Life-Sciences and Bio-process

This initiative aims to accelerate the implementation of digital and technical products and services in biological production. 

The main barriers to develop, test and verify digital and technological products are high costs associated with biological production. Also, the focus on intellectual property rights often hinders collaboration between companies to solve problems together.

In Testa Challenge, STUNS Life science, in collaboration with Testa Center, explores the possibilities to overcome these challenges.

The initiative is inspired from events such as open innovation and hackathons. Projects with a digital or technological innovation is invited to verify their innovations in a full-scale bioprocess run. All kinds of innovative solutions that can meet the future technology needs and challenges within bio-production are welcome to apply for participation. The proposed project can be a solution for any stage in the bioprocess workflow, from preparation and planning to the actual culture, harvest, and downstream activities such as separation and purification. A limited number of projects will be given the chance to participate in person during the run in Testa Center.

After the challenge, participants will have reduced product development risks for their innovations, verified their offer to an bio-production market segment, and enabled future investments.


For more info see www.testachallenge.com

Testa Challenge

Financing: STUNS Life science, Cytiva and Region Uppsala
Project duration: (2020) Next Challange is planned for 2022
STUNS Life science role: Project manager
Contact: Malin Wiederholm 

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