Swelife Injection

– Contribute to a strengthened and sustainable national collaboration platform for the innovation system in Life Science

The goal is to test a new model to strengthen projects that have received funding through Swelife’s open calls for proposals. The support is based on national mobilised efforts from Life Science stakeholders in incubators, science parks and innovation offices. Together, we offer networks and skills enhancement through coaching efforts to the projects that have received funding through the open calls.

Better equipped projects contribute to the sustainability of the projects and thus also the opportunity for healthcare to gain access to the innovations.

The project includes the following efforts:

  • Business development support during the course of the project for increased ability to advance (financing) after the Swelife project has been completed.
  • Expanded collaboration between innovation support actors in a co-coaching system.
  • Through this channel, introduce and clarify the concept of patient participation.

This project is based entirely on national collaboration between innovation support actors; LU Innovation, Sahlgrenska Science Park, LiU Holding/LiU, STING, KI Innovations, Umeå Biotech Incubator and STUNS Life science, who are selected due to our specific expertise within the field of Life Science and that we complement each other in terms of knowledge. Co-coaching in this way is new to the system and creates value for both the projects that are coached and for the innovation support in itself.

The project is a further development of Swelife’s Hands-on model. A model has been established via STUNS Life science knowledge transfer of its BIO-X methodology to a national level. During 2012–2013, STUNS Life science (at time Uppsala BIO) and Vinnova agreed to roll out BIO-X as a national program, which was duly carried out until 2017. Simultaneously, STUNS Life science had taken part in the successful strategic innovation program Swelife. When Swelife itself was granted 10-year support in 2014, open calls for proposals became a central part of its activities. Due to our experience with the regional and the national BIO-X program, our staff could quickly take on a leadership role in helping Swelife implement a ‘light’ version of BIO-X named ‘Hands-on’. STUNS life science has since worked with the program leadership team of Swelife and been responsible for calls for proposals until early 2018, when responsibility was transferred to others.

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Financing: STUNS Life science, Swelife (Project ID: 2019-05202)
Project duration: 2020-2022
STUNS Life science role: Innovation support actor
Contact: Björn Arvidsson

Financed by: