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Life Science Stories


What is it?

Life Science Stories is a way of connecting young talent to forward thinking companies in our life science ecosystem. We do this by providing challenge-driven projects from companies to students within the framework of independent projects on bachelor level. Together, the universities, the students, and the companies work towards Agenda 2030. During Life Science Stories we also offer case evenings and other skill developing lectures and workshops.


Except for the obvious amount of energy and willpower, the students are not yet formed by a workplace, dares ask the difficult questions, thinks outside the box and comes with ideas based on the latest science. Working with companies with challenge-driven projects on current topics is an opportunity for the students to learn more about our local life science ecosystem, to connect with companies and to use their hard-earned knowledge.

Contact: Anisha Khan & Fanny Blom



The concept is based on Energy Stories, a project by our sister team STUNS Energi. Energy stories connects over 120 students every year to current sustainability issues in the Region of Uppsala. During 8 weeks with Energy Stories every spring the students work over 38 000 hours, which sums up to over 18 years total.

Fanny Blom

This project is sponsored through the project Sustainable Cluster Development led by STUNS Life science with the goal to promote the growth of a strong and sustainable life science sector, where Uppsala will be perceived as an internationally leading development environment for life science companies and thus mentioned among the top five life science environments in Europe. The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and STUNS Life Science.

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