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Fast Lane 4 industry

We connect a sustainable and dynamic network in Eastern Central Sweden that promotes growth and development.

Within Fast Lane 4 industry we are building a strong and long-lasting relationship between innovation system actors and small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Eastern Central Sweden. Our idea is simple: we offer fast, efficient, and region-independent support to companies and help them transform towards greater competitiveness.

Small and medium-sized companies are offered support regardless of where in Eastern Central Sweden the company is based.


Fast Lane 4 industry is a collaboration between organizations in Eastern Central Sweden (Sörmland, Uppsala, Västmanland, Örebro, and Östergötland County); Alfred Nobel Science park, Automation Region, MITC (Mälardalen Industrial Technology center), IMA (Innovative Materials Arena) and STUNS Life science. These organizations have different areas of excellence and competence which in different ways can help companies take part in their respective services.

The basic idea of ​​Fast Lane 4 industry is to create fast, accessible shortcuts based on the actors’ respective competence areas. The easily accessible and digitized roads will lead to companies in Eastern Central Sweden being more easily accelerated out of the current Corona crisis and prepared for the new reality that will exist on the other side.

Of course, no single organization can have cutting-edge expertise in all areas, but together we have expertise in areas such as automation, robotics, production, 3D printing, materials, and life science.


Within the project we will:

  • Organize joint seminars in several different areas of expertise.
  • Deliver support to companies and test common forms of intervention.
  • Offer joint offers for sustainable industrial development.
  • Develop parts in a common platform, for a long-term more accessible and stronger industry-focused innovation system.

Financing: STUNS Life science, ERDF (Project ID:20281236 ) and Region Uppsala
Project duration: 2021-2023
STUNS Life science role: Life science expert
Contact: Björn Arvidsson

Funded by

region uppsala