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BRIGHT for Europe

Beyond tRansformative dIGitalization of HealTh clusters

BRIGHT is a strategic partnership between Biocat (Spain), Eurasanté (France), Connected Health (Estonia) and STUNS Life science (Sweden), that seeks to strengthen the excellence of four world-class European Life Sciences and Healthtech industrial clusters through. By advancing in their excellence,  the members of BRIGHT will together be able to better support the ecosystems to master the challenges of digital transformation and increase their digital maturity. BRIGHT will also support SMEs in their strive to scale-up and be more competitive internationally, by unlocking the full potential of the Digital Health value.


Managerial and operative excellence Create a Strategic Partnership world-class clusters, with the incentive to strengthen each partners’ excellence at a managerial and operative level.

Joint portfolio for SMEs Build on the clusters’ own and complementary capacities, to strengthen their services and develop a joint portfolio to better support SMEs both within their ecosystems and across Europe.

Cross-cooperative enhancement BRIGHT will intensify cross-cluster and cross-sector cooperation between both the partners and their stakeholders, as well as with other ecosystems in Europe. This will be carried through by the implementation of an intensive and innovative approach via the ‘ClusterXchange’ programme.

Support Digital Health SMEs By supporting in their specific challenges, BRIGHT aims to contribute to both the European strategy on Digitalisation of the Medical Technologies and Healthcare industry and the digital transformation of european healthcare systems.

Activities and publication

Promotional events The partnership will organize 9 meetings with SMEs, regional authorities and regional players, mainly in the Digital Health sector.

Posts published on ECCP The partners will publish 40 posts on the ECCP site related to the project, including the results related to the cluster strategies, the partnership opportunities and the promotion of the “ClusterXchange” programme.

Strategic analyses; growth, innovation & market potential The partners will each perform a strategic analysis in relation to the growth and innovation potential deriving from smart specialization strategies (S3). Furthermore, the partnership will carry out one joint analysis.

Cluster Study Visits, Cluster Exchanges (CXC) and Deep Dive Days (D3) The partners will each host a cluster study visit to facilitate knowledge sharing between the four clusters regarding advances in digitalization. This will leave fertile ground for future collaborations in the planned cluster exchanges (CXC) & deep dive days (D3). With the CXCs and D3s, small-medium enterprises from all clusters can benefit from international perspectives to drive digitalization forward in the Life Sciences.

Contact me if you want to know more

Björn Arvidsson

+ 46 (0)70-994 36 06

Funding: STUNS Life science, Biocat, Eurosanté, Connected Health and European Union’s COSME Programme
Project duration: February 2022 – Januari 2024
STUNS Life science role: Partner
Partners: Biocat (Spain), Eurasanté (France), Connected Health (Estonia)

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