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BIO-X® an innovation management process

– Our way of working


The highly successful BIO-X® methodology lives on today as an integral part of STUNS Life science’s activities. The aim of BIO-X is to bridge the gap between basic academic research and industrial product development. BIO-X creates conditions for innovation by connecting parts of the triple-helix; the industry, academia, society as well as healthcare. BIO-X was launched in 2003, the same year that Uppsala BIO*  was formed.

BIO-X leans on four basic pillars

1-     A clear theme to create a common agenda

2-     Market pull to cover a need

3-     Active support including process, experience, expertise, and network

4-     Funding – in many of the activities where BIO-X lays the basics, funding is often needed.

By creating a common agenda using a theme-based approach we create a common goal and thus a stronger will and drive to bring projects forward.

Picture: BIO-XBIO-X can be used in different ways; Calls for proposals for innovation projects to reach proof-of-concept, project selection in Testa Center, Testa Challenge, and BIO-X Accelerate are some examples. The BIO-X way of thinking permeates everything we do at STUNS Life science, every day.


BIO-X in numbers

(BIO-X 2010-2014, BIO-X Accelerate 2020)






Granted projects




Additional Investments attracted


Additional investments attracted


Gained industrial contacts via BIO-X


Gained clinical contacts via BIO-X


Of the projects live on as companies (BIO-X)

Aggregated figures for the BIO-X calls from 2010-2014, with follow-up 2 years after project completion. For the BIO-X Accelerate call from 2020, the aggregation applies to investments received within 6 months after the start of the project.

BIO-X calls portfolio

2020: BIO-X Accelerate
2015: New diagnostic solutions for disease monitoring
2014: ICT healthcare solutions
2013: New opportunities for existing drugs
2012: Hospital-acquired infections
2011: New diagnostic tools and methods
2011: Green & Industrial biotechnology
2010: New diagnostic tools and methods

National BIO-X program / Swelife Hands-on process

STUNS Life science’s experience of the BIO-X program put to good use in helping implement Swelife’s ‘Hands-on’ version.

During 2012–2013, Uppsala BIO* and Vinnova agreed to roll out BIO-X as a national program, which was duly carried out until 2017. Simultaneously, Uppsala BIO had taken part in the successful strategic innovation program Swelife. When Swelife itself was granted 10-year support in 2014, open calls for proposals became a central part of its activities. Due to Uppsala BIO’s experience with the regional and the national BIO-X program, its staff could quickly take on a leadership role in helping Swelife implement a ‘light’ version of BIO-X named ‘Hands-on’. Uppsala BIO has since worked with the program leadership team of Swelife and been responsible for calls for proposals until early 2018 when responsibility was transferred to others.

*In 2003, the cluster initiative Uppsala BIO was established through Vinnova’s Vinnväxt program, which was finalized in the autumn of 2019. Now the business has entered a new phase, with a partly new strategic focus, where we have adopted the name STUNS Life science.

Picture: Logo of the European Regional Development Fund