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BIO-X an innovation management process Our way of working

The highly successful BIO-X methodology lives on today as an integral part of STUNS Life science’s activities. The aim of BIO-X is to bridge the gap between basic academic research and industrial product development. BIO-X creates conditions for innovation by connecting parts of the triple-helix; the industry, academia, society as well as healthcare. BIO-X was launched in 2003, the same year that STUNS Life science (formerly named  Uppsala BIO), was formed.

BIO-X leans on four basic pillars

1-     A clear theme to create a common agenda

2-     Market pull to cover a need

3-     Active support including process, experience, expertise, and network

4-     Funding – in many of the activities where BIO-X lays the basics, funding is often needed.

By creating a common agenda using a theme-based approach we create a common goal and thus a stronger will and drive to bring projects forward.

Picture: BIO-XBIO-X can be used in different ways; Calls for proposals for innovation projects to reach proof-of-concept, project selection in Testa Center, Testa Challenge, and BIO-X Accelerate are some examples. The BIO-X way of thinking permeates everything we do at STUNS Life science, every day.

A decade of unleashing innovation, catalyzing rapid development

In 2003, the foundation was laid for what would later become BIO-X as we know it today. The recognition of the importance of transnational research and collaboration between academia, industry, and society—especially in healthcare—began to take shape. Funding from Vinnova facilitated the development of proof-of-concept projects in a very early stage, between 2003-2009, when other funding sources were scarce.

The methodology forming the basis for BIO-X is continually evolving, and a major update in 2010 now underlies what we refer to as BIO-X Accelerate. The understanding that a close connection between industry, academia, and society is crucial for successful projects had been demonstrated over the years. To advance the development of BIO-X, the focus shifted to addressing specific ”needs.” At this stage, the transition was made from enabling the commercialization of world-leading research to facilitating the commercialization of world-leading research in areas where healthcare faces challenges and there is a clear need and gap. Market-Pull became a guiding principle, with a focus on projects with significant impact.

During 2012–2013, STUNS (former name Uppsala BIO) and Vinnova agreed to roll out BIO-X as a national program, which was duly carried out until 2017. Simultaneously, Uppsala BIO had taken part in the successful strategic innovation program Swelife. When Swelife itself was granted 10-year support in 2014, open calls for proposals became a central part of its activities. Due to Uppsala BIO’s experience with the regional and the national BIO-X program, its staff could quickly take on a leadership role in helping Swelife implement a ‘light’ version of BIO-X named ‘Hands-on’. Uppsala BIO has since worked with the program leadership team of Swelife and been responsible for calls for proposals until early 2018 when responsibility was transferred to others.

In tandem with Swelife’s transition to overseeing funding for Proof-of-Concept (POC) projects, STUNS has strategically shifted its focus towards companies in the validation phase. Collaborating closely with Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth), STUNS has played a pivotal role in devising a method to directly allocate ERUF (European Regional Development Fund) funds to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in need of validation support. The inaugural call for proposals targeting such enterprises was officially launched in 2019, marking a significant milestone in fostering innovation and growth within the life sciences sector. STUNS continues to be at the forefront of driving initiatives that bridge the gap between research and market-ready solutions, leveraging its expertise to contribute to the success of Sweden’s dynamic innovation landscape.

BIO-X calls portfolio

BIO-X Accelerate Rapid validation to lasting impact

2024:  Make an IMPACT in healthcare and life science with advanced technical and digital innovations for a sustainable future READ MORE

2020: Accelerate your life science commercialization journey
The inaugural BIO-X Accelerate call resulted in the successful selection of four deserving companies: Celluminova AB, Gradientech AB, Ilya Pharma AB, and PU Sensor AB. Together, they collectively received over 20 million SEK from the European Regional Development Fund.

Project summary: Fueling growth and innovation in the life science sector

BIO-X Propelling POC innovation in life sciences

2015: New diagnostic solutions for disease monitoring
2014: ICT healthcare solutions
2013: New opportunities for existing drugs
2012: Hospital-acquired infections
2011: New diagnostic tools and methods
2011: Green & Industrial biotechnology
2010: New diagnostic tools and methods

2003-2009: Early proof-of-concept stage financing