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BIO-X Accelerate

BIO-X® is a highly effective innovation management process built upon the BIO-X® methodology and serves as an integral component of STUNS Life science’s operational framework.

BIO-X Accelerate offers a well-structured approach to handling proposals and fostering sustainable business development. Through the BIO-X Accelerate call, companies face evaluation by external experts from relevant fields and are selected amidst high competition. The chosen companies receive financial support, ongoing assistance in business development, and gain access to the extensive network of experts within BIO-X. This streamlined process empowers companies in the Life science sector of the region to transcend their initial stages and propel themselves towards rapid innovation and growth, thanks to the infusion of funds and continuous support in business development.

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BIO-X Accelerate call 2020

Focus of the program is pre-clinical and clinical evaluations, end-user and other key development validations, other supporting activities such as development of prototypes, testing efficiency and safety for new products, preparation of documentation for CE marking, development of quality systems, as well as documentation and permits in connection with clinical evaluations.

The inaugural BIO-X Accelerate call resulted in the successful selection of four deserving companies: Celluminova AB, Gradientech AB, Ilya Pharma AB, and PU Sensor AB.

Project aim

  • Increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises so that they become attractive for new private and public financing. 
  • Create a lasting governance and development model that must be permanent in the East Middle Sweden´s R&D environments and be available to SMEs outside these environments as well. 

Financing: STUNS Life science, ERDF (Project ID:20281236 ) and Uppsala County
Project duration: 2021-2023
STUNS Life science role: Project Manager
Contact: Dajana Ilic Susak

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