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Our way of working

At STUNS Life science we support growth and competitiveness to promote a sustainable life science sector in many different ways. In close collaboration with the industry, universities, healthcare, and the community we identify barriers and propose solutions to exploit the opportunities and overcome obstacles.

We are always open to collaboration to strengthen the life science sector. Do you have an idea you want to discuss? Please contact us.

Below you can see some of our ongoing projects, follow the link to learn more. Through these projects, we hope that you can get a grasp of our way of working.

Some of our ongoing projects

Testa Center
Testa Center is a private-public initiative between the Swedish government and Cytiva to secure the life science industry’s growth and manufacturing capabilities. It is an essential infrastructure for the development of biological products, which is a pinpointed strategically important area by the Swedish government. In this collaboration, STUNS contributes as an independent actor in the application process for funding and project prioritization. STUNS also develops innovation processes and collaboration formats as well as engaging service providers from the ecosystem.

Read more about Testa Center

BIO-X Accelerate
BIO-X Accelerate is a structured way of working with calls for proposals and sustainable business development. Through the BIO-X Accelerate call, companies are evaluated by external experts from relevant fields and selected in high competition. Granted companies receive funding, continued business development support and access to experts within the BIO-X network.

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Sustainable Cluster Development
The Sustainable Cluster Development project aims to promote the growth of a strong and sustainable life science sector, where Uppsala will be perceived as an internationally leading development environment for life science companies.

Fast Lane 4 Industry
Within Fast Lane 4 industry we are building a strong and long-lasting relationship between innovation system actors and small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Eastern Central Sweden.

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BRIGHT is a strategic partnership between Biocat (Spain)Eurasanté (France)Connected Health (Estonia) and STUNS Life science (Sweden). The members of BRIGHT will support the ecosystems to master the challenges of digital transformation and increase their digital maturity. BRIGHT will also support SMEs in their strive to scale-up and be more competitive internationally, by unlocking the full potential of the Digital Health value.

Read more about BRIGHT

Contact me if you want to know more

Björn Arvidsson
+ 46 (0)70-994 36 06