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One step closer to gender equality in boardrooms

In our analysis of gender representation within the companies leadership roles, between 2021/2022, several key findings emerge. Across the board, we observe a 26% female presence, reflecting an increase from the previous report’s (2020/2021) 22%. The data also reveals that there is a 25% female representation among CEOs, showing an increase from the previous 22%. The head of the board positions stands at 23% female representation, compared to the previous 18%. Furthermore, we see that female deputies stand at 45%.

This updated summary incorporates the previous report’s data for a more comprehensive perspective on changes in gender representation within the company’s leadership roles. For further insights, you can refer to the previous report, ‘Equality – a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development’.

”Encouragingly, female deputies stand at 43%, a number that is in equvivalence with the general gender distribution in the industry. Perhaps this is signaling a presence of female leaders within the organizations poised for future advancement. This data underlines the importance of gender equity initiatives in efforts to increase diversity within teams. I believe that creating a more balanced and inclusive leadership landscape, where all voices are heard and valued, will contribute to a more equitable and effective workplace.”

Dajana Ilic Susak, STUNS

”We can see that startups in the life science sector stand out when it comes to the percentage of women in the founding team. In life science companies, there is a more even distribution of women compared to startup teams in other industries. However, something changes as life science companies grow, as the statistics seem to indicate a decrease in the percentage of women holding leadership positions. We have made progress, but we must continue to emphasize gender equality and diversity as a critical factor for these companies to perform at their best.”

Niclas Stjernberg, UIC

Dajana Ilic Susak
Project manager
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