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Newsify your equity story – communication with and beyond science

Welcome to this communication-focused webinar that aims to inspire life science companies to upgrade their communication efforts from a thing of duty to a thing of beauty.
The seminar will also include a conversation with SmallCap listed medtech company Senzime’s CEO Pia Renaudin, who will share her experiences of strategic and operational investor relations.

When: 13/10, 9:00-10:30
Where: Zoom

Board members, shareholders, analysts demand ”more communication and more visibility.” The response from companies is usually: “But we don’t have anything to say! Data comes when it comes…”.

Wrong! There is so much more a life science company can talk about, besides regulatory milestone updates, to be more understandable, more visible and more credible.

With a compelling equity story, companies can upgrade their communication from only regulatory reporting – to telling a context based story, and as a result, providing better prerequisites for a more fair market valuation.

Presenters are Jonas Rodny and Carolin Wiken from communications firm Paues Åberg. Jonas has 25 years of experience advising boards, CEOs and senior executives in strategy, corporate communications and financial communication, and has served in Head of Information and Communications Director roles at companies in the financial industry. Carolin specializes in Corporate and Financial Communications, with expertise in investor relations and life science. During her career Carolin has alternated between consulting and in-house roles leading communications departments at Bayer, Pfizer and Pharmacia.

Watch the webinar on STUNS Life science YouTube channel

This webinar is organized in collaboration with Paues Åberg Communications, and is part of the initiatives run by STUNS Life science through the project BIO-X Accelerate.
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