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New report: Today’s achievements, tomorrow’s visions – Sustainability

Our new sustainability report, Today’s achievements, tomorrow’s visions, is now published. In the report, our employee Fanny Blom dives straight into Uppsala’s Life science community, asking questions like: How do we talk about sustainability? What do we actually do within the different areas of sustainability?

Fanny Blom have a Master’s degree in Economics with a focus on Sustainability and Agricultural Science and work with us at STUNS Life science within the project sustainable cluster development. In the making of the report she  interviewed actors within Uppsala Life science and analysed web articles and web pages. In the interviews, she is suprised by how much the companies actively work with combining environmental and economic sustainability,

– Except for a few buzzwords here and there on web pages it is difficult to find more information online about how local Life science companies work with sustainability. Despite the lack of external communication, the companies are doing a lot of cool things that they should be proud of and share with the world!

Sustainability in Uppsala Life science

How can we be better in the future?

It is very noble to do things without showing it to the world, but Fanny still thinks that we can inspire others by showing what we do. In the report she states 5 different success factors concerning sustainability, one of them being communication.

-How do we talk about sustainability? How do we communicate it? If we don’t – who will know if we do anything at all?

What did you find that surprised you the most?

The consulting companies are key actors within the sustainability movement. The choices they make, and the demands they make, will have great impact on our future. Since they move between so many different customers, they can inspire a lot of people and also implement social, economic and environmental sustainability work not only for themselves but everyone they work with.

What do we need to work with the most?

– If there is one thing it is that the focus on environmental sustainability makes many companies to fall behind in social sustainability. We cannot lose sight of the people at our workplace that need a safe and good work environment to be able to put energy into the environmental questions. We cannot forget to check our supply chains, and demand to know more about them, to make sure that our products are ethical all the way through.

Fanny Blom