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Invoicing details

STUNS applies electronic invoice management.

NOTE! The invoice MUST contain the invoicing address below.

  • File format PDF

  • Max 1 invoice per mail

  • Max 2 MB per mail

  • No images or other format files attached or attached to the email

  • The file name must not contain the letters å, ä, ö or special characters (such as apostrophes, spaces, etc.)

  • Messages or conversations cannot be sent with the invoice

PDF-invoice may be sent to: 

Invoice address:
Kund-Id: PDC7258
105 69 Stockholm

NOTE! Only invoices may be sent to the address above. Incorrectly addressed invoices will be returned.

For all other correspondence, our regular postal address and e-mail apply.

For questions contact:
Karin Carlsson,,  070-406 59 30
Mari Skantz,,  070-813 02 10