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Sustainability network

This spring we invited small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) within the life science sector located in East middle Sweden (EMS; Uppsala, Västmanland, Örebro, Östergötland) to work with sustainability together.

 Due to that sustainable development and green transition are of great importance when life science faces great challenges for the future. To involve, share and collaborate within the ecosystem is of the essence if we are to find ways to turn the challenges to possibilities.

We at STUNS Life science want to do what we can to be able to assist actors in finding these great possibilities. One example of this is initiating sustainability program to create a network to do just that, involve, share, and collaborate to improve sustainable development. Small and medium-sized businesses often do not have the privilege to assign one employee let alone a whole team to oversee the sustainability, therefore the responsibility falls on the whole organization, which can be challenging to manage. Together these businesses found strength in collaboration when involved and sharing their challenges, possibilities, solutions, examples, and tips. While also getting inspiration from carefully selected guests.

Furthermore, we constantly create and test new concepts and platforms to do what we can to contribute to sustainable collaborations within our ecosystem. For example, we work closely with academia and students to get access to the latest research, knowledge, and driven individuals within the field. We also try to give access and fill gaps of knowledge by creating smaller reports which we also transform into workshops (Today’s achievements, tomorrow’s visions, Sustainable skills supply)


STUNS’s role is to initiate and create a platform for collaboration and sustainable development within life science ÖMS. So if you are interested in collaborating for sustainability do not hesitate to contact Fanny Blom,, 072-73 52 887

These activities are part of the project Sustainable Cluster development to create more sustainable clusters with SMEs within EMS. Founded by the EU.