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Trust and outcome-based ecosystems for the digital and green transitions

Through collaboration we can reach new heights. We have long invested in clusters, science parks and other network organisations, which can be geographically or thematically defined. A wide variety of management forms and financing models are in play, and many actors and meta-organisations operate in every innovation sphere.

If yesterday´s objective was to take advantage of the strengths in a sector, today´s should be to clarify what we need to achieve. With this mindset, the actors are not predetermined, and the goals are flexible. For example, yesterday we wanted to invest in life science; today, we want to achieve a healthier society. Yesterday we focusedon vehicles, while today, we want to increase mobility. This shift in perspective enables a broader range of actors to collaborate on different aspects of development.

”Mission-driven innovation” is a term we often hear, inspired by the mission proposed by Kennedy in the 1960s to put a man on the moon within alimited time. Today´s missions include finding sustainable energy supplies and solving the challenges of the pandemic. To succeed, we need to mobilise and engage beyond the traditional limitations of geography and established industry divisions. This means overcoming outdated ideas and finding new ways to create economic growth.

We need to go from regional to global. From limited to inclusive. From support for individual actors to system transformation. From short-term goals to sustaiable approaches. From industry aims to societal benefits. And from collaboration to co-creation.

Read the full report (Swedish)
Read the full report (Swedish)

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