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FL4i launches web platform for fast and efficient support for companies


ClusterShare, the innovation support system’s own digital tool that provides a detailed overview of all players’ offers in Eastern Central Sweden, is now being launched.


For the businesses

ClusterShare began within the framework of the Fast Lane 4 industry project in February 2021. The ambition is to create a platform that makes it easier for innovation players in Eastern Central Sweden to gather their offers and services in one place. ClusterShare’s architecture facilitates orientation in all information and contributes to a smart and simple sharing of the current services with all actors in the geographical area. This means that the players in their work with the companies can offer a much wider range of services. In the longer term, ClusterShare will also be able to be used by industrial companies in Eastern Central Sweden to seek help, compare different offers and find the right support for them.

”Companies should be able to quickly and easily navigate the amount of good offers to be able to find the right help at the right time,” says project coordinator Mikael Melitshenko.

Offers to companies across regional borders

”What is important with ClusterShare is that the tool makes it easier for players to find the right services for companies, regardless of municipal and regional boundaries,” says Christer Karlsson, project manager for FL4i. ”Above all, we want to push down the official boundaries that still exist administratively. It is about reducing the obstacles that companies experience in terms of change and business development, especially now in times of pandemics. That is why you need to bring in all the good expertise and support that exists in Eastern Central Sweden in one and the same tool ”.

“To give an example, a company in Linköping that is interested in materials realizes that they need automation development. Then we will quickly pilot on to the Automation Region in Västerås and their expertise in flexible automation, connected industry and robotics. We simply blur the boundaries, ”explains Christer.

ClusterShare will be launched on September 29, but is available now.


Web platform that provides a detailed overview of all players' offers in Eastern Central Sweden

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