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BIO-X Accelerate Make an IMPACT in healthcare and life science

We are excited to announce that the BIO-X Accelerate program is continuing 2024-2026 with a new theme “IMPACT”. The BIO-X Accelerate project was initiated in 2020 with the goal of facilitating the transition of small and medium-sized enterprises within the region’s life science sector from the early stages to a rapid phase of innovation and growth. The project aimed to enhance the competitiveness of these companies by generating innovative products that have high demand in the global healthcare market.

As mentioned, this round of BIO-X Accelerate focuses on ”IMPACT” and why is that? The life science industry needs to adapt its operations for sustainable development. At the same time the healthcare is facing challenges. These societal challenges, together with the transformation of the industry, require increased digital development, more innovations, and an increased use of digital tools. Therefore, STUNS Life science offers BIO-X Accelerate where companies are given the opportunity to validate their solution in the healthcare and/or the life science industry to bring these innovations faster to its end users.

If you are a small medium sized company in East Middle Sweden that wants to make an IMPACT in healthcare and life science with technical and digital innovations for a sustainable future, you can apply for 1-10 MSEK within the BIO-X Accelerate program.

In addition to the project activities you apply for, various complementary initiatives and programs to further strengthen the participating companies will be executed. Examples from the previous round of BIO-X Accelerate are initiatives such as programs for leadership and organizational development, sustainability development activities and how to create more professional boards.

Funds are available for companies through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) administered by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).

Dajana Ilic Susak
Project Manager
+46 (0) 70 -230 91 50

Malin Wiederholm
Business development
+46 (0)70-246 88 74

Anisha Khan
Project Manager
+46 (0)70-341 79 84

Björn Arvidsson
Managing director
+46 (0)70-994 36 06

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