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12 voices on the future of life science

The fight to prevent diabetes

Prevention is the way forward. Digitalization can contribute to a more preventive health care system, and with that broaden the approach to diabetes, a disease that affects more than 1/11. That is the wish of Sana Alajmovic, voice number 3…
12 voices on the future of life science

Ceramics and connectivity

Implanting sensors to measure our body function, analyzing our food intake or PH value. 3D printing ceramic tailored skull. The future is coming, and it´s coming fast. But to get there it requires interdisciplinary expertise, and in Sweden there is…
12 voices on the future of life science

Sweden will take a stronger position in life science

We work hard, or we fall behind. But how? To promote Sweden’s strengths in life science and take a clearer global position we need to invest more in precision medicine, strengthen access to health data and… Voice number 1 in…
Björn Arvidsson

Utilizing the potential of a strong ecosystem

STUNS Life science is part of the foundation STUNS (Stiftelsen för samverkan mellan universiteten i Uppsala, näringsliv och samhälle) in Uppsala working to promote and enable public and private collaborations in order to create knowledge-based and sustainable growth - within…

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